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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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and now, from washington's
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leading news station, this is news4 at 11:00. >> jon stewart and bill o'reilly going head to head. but people at home had an issue seeing their debate. hundreds turned out for the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. they both gave a humorous view how to move the country forward. people at home saw a lot of buffering signs. darcy spencer is live tonight with what we know about the technical glitch. darcy? >> reporter: i was inside the auditorium. i have to tell you, it was laugh out loud funny. we had no idea that there was any problem with the live stream. but when i came out and looked on twitter, you cou see all the complaining. two titans of political commentary go head to head for a mock presidential debate at
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george washington university. >> george is gone. audios, aloha, sayonara, it's boring. he's gone. >> reporter: bill o'reilly and jon stewart took on questions about the economy, foreign policy and the media during their so-called rumble 2012. jon stewart tried to make up the nine-inch height difference with a mechanical lift. >> we are merely weeks from being a failed state or even worse, greece. and the way to solve it is to kill big bird. >> reporter: while there was a packed auditorium for the live performance, those who paid $5 to watch it online were left frustrated. the feed kept locking up. some complained, saying the rumble 2012 isn't between those two, it's between viewers and the official website.
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>> jon stewart, 2012, anyone want one? >> reporter: those who watched the debate say it was entertaining. >> i think that overall it was very entertaining and i enjoyed seeing it. >> i think bill had more serious answers about what he thought would fix it, but we enjoyed stewart, as well. >> reporter: event organizers responded saying due to overwhelming demand that their servers had been overloaded. they apologized to people who paid for that live stream and staid it would be available on demand. reporting live from george washington university, darcy spencer, news4. >> thank you. today started out pretty warm but if you've been outside tonight, you know there's some big changes in the air. chuck, it's time to get the coats out. >> yes, indeed it is. our 80 degrees saturday will turn into a barely 50 degrees
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sunday. by the way things are shaping up, skies are clear for now, clouds are coming back and that will seal our fate from a temperature stand point on sunday. already, 56 in washington. 47 martinsburg. 45 winchester. nothing showing up on radar close to us, but there's the rain and clouds out to the west. so as a result, cloudy and damp when you get up and chilly showers off and on through much of your sunday afternoon. time for a good book and a bowl of soup and maybe the redskins are playing. rest of the forecast coming up. >> why venture out at all, chuck? dozens gathered at wt woodson high school in fairfax to show their support for missing 17-year-old brian glenn. police say he drove to a duncan donuts. video shows him buying some
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donuts and he hasn't been seen since. his family believes there's more to the story and say brian would not run away. >> there's just no indications that he was preparing to run away and for what reason? >> not a clue, nothing. just out of thin air. >> police consider the disappearance highly unusual and are continuing to investigate. seven deaths are blamed on a meningitis outbreak. there have been 60 reported cases in nine states. two of the seven deaths were in maryland and virginia. the contaminated steroids appears to have come from a pharmacy in massachusetts. this type of meningitis is not contagious.
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a boy and his puppy recovering from a pit bull attack. witnesses say the two pit bulls broke free from a woman and attacked the puppy. max was was bitten. daisy says she was nervous as soon as she saw the pit bulls from inside her house. >> of course, what i thought was going to happen happened. i went toward them and tried to stop the dogs. >> one of the neighbors started hitting the dog with the broom and that's how i think that -- that's how they got them apart. >> the puppy named drake was taken to the vet with broken legs and a broken jaw. if an owner doesn't come forward for the pit bulls, they will be put down. metro rider also soon be
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seeing controversial ads suggesting that radical islamists are savages. metro tried to delay putting them up because of the protests in the middle east. but yesterday a judge ruled that metro must comply by monday nigh the ads will be displayed at the georgia avenue u-street, tacoma park and glenn mont stations. after the orioles' win last and nationals gearing up for a best of five playoff series starting tomorrow. it's big business for both teams and their cities. when the o's won last night, fans celebrated knowing they would get a shot at the yankees. and businesses celebrating, as well, starting to print new t-shirts and other gear for fans coming to the park on sunday and before. >> last night it was crazy. i actually haven't slept at all. we are just getting ready for today. we knew it was going to be crazy
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before we got here. 7:00 in the morning and people were already waiting to open up. we're probably going to stay late. >> long hours. but two playoff games in baltimore means more money for beer distributors, bars, restaurants and hotels will benefit from traveling yankee fans, as well. and the nats getting ready for the playoffs. they start on the road against st. louis. we'll have a preview of the big game tomorrow and tell you whether any of the guys are nervous about their first playoff appearance. for more coverage, go to we have an entire page dedicated to it. just search key word nats, o course. mitt romney is gaining ground, fueled by a post debate bump. one poll shows them both neck and neck. and s.a.t. rules in effect today. what students now need to do before taking the test. plus, bond takes on late
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mitt romney's debate performance this past wednesday giving him a bump in the polls. a new reuters poll has him within two points of president obama, frailing him 47% to 45% among likely voters nationwide. that's compared to a six-point gap before the debate. romney's performance in denver game hiv a financial boost. his campaign received $12 million in online donations in the 48 hours after the debate. strict new rules for high school students taking the s.a.t. this year. students will now be requires to
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submit a photo of themselves swhen they sign up to take the test. and that photo will appear on their test admission ticket and on the test site roster. these new rules come after a cheating scandal on long island. 20 high school students were accused of hiring recent graduates to take the test in their place. still ahead tonight, daniel craig tries his hand at come by. the james bond actor gets ready to host "snl" tonight and you might want to close the windows. it got cold and more of the same on sunday. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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pnc bank. for the achiever in you. the james bond franchise
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turned 50 this week. and tonight, daniel craig is promoting the new movie "sky fall." >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome daniel craig. >> reporter: jimmy fallon welcomed daniel craig, the sixth actor to play james bond, a role sean connery originated 50 years ago in "dr. no." >> do you hang out with other bonds? do you meet in a secret cave or something? >> no. >> you're not allowed to tell me, are you? >> i wouldn't be allowed to tell you. >> just blink. >> reporter: he also said about hanging out with real royalty, queen elizabeth. >> she improvises a little bit. she's supposed to be sitting at the desk and asked if she could write something down. so she pretended to write something.
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>> reporter: it's craig who gets to deal with the unexpected this week as he hosts "saturday night live." >> it's organized chaos, but it's exciting. >> reporter: don't expect craig to start yukking it up full time. >> is that a real gun? >> yes. >> i don't like guns. >> it's a huge amount of stuff that i don't understand. i look for good, funny scripts and they don't exist. it's usually a collaborative effort, so i leave it to the good people that don't know what they're doing. >> reporter: craig will just stick with the action that goes along with being bond. >> i get a kick out of it. >> reporter: craig's third bond film arrives november 9. >> everybody needs a hobby. >> certainly do. does he know what he's in for on "snl?" >> yeah. that's going to be fun to watch. the temperatures are falling outside. clear skies for now. >> it's going to be a chilly
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start first thing on sunday morning. be ready, everybody. summer is officially a thing of the past around here. and autumn, if you blink, you missed it because it's going to feel a whole lot more like almost winter outside tomorrow. temperatures will struggle to get back above 50 degrees tomorrow afternoon. for now, a beautiful, clear night. look at that. a waning moon out there, beautiful, on its way up. great looking shot out there. the top right side looks like it's been nibbled off by little mice out in space. no problems at all. mostly clear skies. 56 chilly degrees here in washington. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. nowhere near as breezy as it was earlier today. temperatures, they are tumbling out there. already well down into the 40s out west of the blue ridge. upper 40s already in manassas. mid 50s in town and still near
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60 in st. mary's. overnight lows, a chilly start back into the low and mid 40s out west. near 50 in town. the problem is once we get the temperatures down, that's when the clouds come in. so no rain just yet, but the nearest drops are in parts of southern ohio and eastern kentucky. that's all part of the problem with what we're going to be facing tomorrow. and cold, too. frost and freeze advisories out from western pennsylvania and northern half of ohio. so turning colder overnight tonight into tomorrow. the clouds in place. if not when you get up, shortly thereafter. cold and on the wet side all day long tomorrow. if you're going to the redskins game, take your mid winter gear. lit be wet and cold. the rain should be pulling out of here not long after the sun goes down tomorrow. dry tomorrow night into monday. monday, another partly cloudy day. temperatures again will be stuck
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in the 50s. so be ready for cool stuff after four days in a row of 80 or higher. starting off temperatures generally in the 40s and tomorrow, cold and get, showers likely off and on, starting at 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. highs tomorrow will struggle to get back above 50 degrees. so that will be a real turn around from the weather we've been enjoying. if you're headed to the game, prepare for about 51 and drizzle and rain out there. if you're a baseball fan, you know now that we've head the postseason, there's more fans in town. game one between the cardinals and the nationals tomorrow. we'll be chilly. soup eating and book reading weather for tomorrow. be ready for it. >> good football weather. >> absolutely. coming up in sports, demon
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think any of the nats have playoff jitters? >> nerves were not something they were admitting today in the clubhouse. 15 hours away and who's counting? they are, right? they're ready, they said. they're going to do what they've done all season, play ball. only four guys on the roster have any experience in october. gonzalez is not one of them. he will get his first playoff appearance tomorrow opposite the cards' adam wainright. davy johnson who arrived early this afternoon and after bundling up, they headed to the
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park for a workout. they know busch stadium well. they played there last weekend and lost two of three. not that it matters now. it's a new season for everybody, and the best team in baseball may be a bunch of playoff rookies, but they know not to change things up too much. >> this kind of series, you've just got to play the game you've been playing all year. >> i think you guys are more nervous than we are. it's just another game. >> it's fun to have those couple of days off and kind of reset and relax for a few days and realize what you've accomplished already. but know that you have a lot left to go. >> all right. well, this was the scene last night for the orioles. birds taking a champagne shower after beating the rangers in the wild card game. they had to quickly dry off and come home.
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o's host the yankees tomorrow night for game one. jason hammel is on the mound for the birds. >> i'm going to look at it as another game. it's game 164 now. there's a little more weighing on it. but i've done this long enough to i know what i need to do to get ready and be in the moment and not letting too many things get to me. >> the maryland terrapins kicked off their conference schedule with a home game against wake forest today, looking for their first acc win since last season. they have some new digs to show off, as in stefen digs. this is dorsey running in it for 33 yards. terps feeling good with a 13-7 lead. they would trail 14-13 in the fourth quarter. hills makes a smart throw right
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here to his play maker. there's digs. check out the freshman's moves and speed. he zips by everybody, gets taken down just short of the end zone, setting up the next play, which was big. terps on the 1 and picket punches it in. maryland wins with this play 19-14, improves to 3-2 on the year. afterwards, the coach spoke to the media. >> you know, we had a bunch of guys that will battle you and compete, you know, for 60 minutes. but what we've got to do is we've got to get them better at doing the little things, the fundamentals and the techniques and not putting ourselves in positions that give us a difficult time to get to the end result, which is winning. >> first conference win for him this season.
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tarheels basketball coach roy williams on hand for the unc-virginia tech football game. a back and forth affair. hokies turned to rally. davis has got a 49-yard touchdown. ties the game at 14-14. second quarter, tarheels deciding to go for it on fourth and one. brent renner to bernard. the hokies' defense not prepared for this. one of two big runs for bernard on the day. 62 yards here to the end zone. unc wins 48-34. virginia tech has lost back-to-back games. stra tech hokies now 3-3. it's the first home victory for the tarheels over virginia tech since 1938. >> whoa! that's a long stretch. >> that's a long time. >> howard did win tonight 17-10. we have to add that score over florida a&m. >> almost as long as we've seen since the nats in the playoffs.
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that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is next with james bond. have a great night, everyone.
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>> good evening from the magnus arena at the university of denver in denver, colorado. i'm jim lehrer, anchor of the pbs news hour on your local public broadcasting station. thank you


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